Domainpa (“Domainpa”) understands that your privacy is important to you and that you care about how information is used and shared online. We respect and value the privacy of everyone who visits Our web Site, and we will only collect this information and use it in a way that is beneficial to you and will respect your rights and our obligations in accordance with the law. This Policy applies to the use of any information collected by us in relation to your use of the Site. Please read this privacy policy carefully and ensure that it is comprehensible. The adoption of this Privacy Policy shall be deemed as adopted, if you will, for the first time, the use of the Site. If you do not agree and do not agree with this Privacy Policy, you must immediately stop using the Site.

Definitions and interpretation

In this agreement, the following terms shall have the following meanings:

  • “Invoice” means the invoice is required in order to access and / or use certain areas and features of Our Website.
  • A “cookie” is a small text file that is stored on your computer or device by Our site when you visit certain parts of Our Site and/or the use of certain features of Our Website. For more information about the cookies that we use on Our Website, please refer to Clause 12, below;
  • “Our Site”, means this page;
  • “The united States of America, and EU-cookie-rights “means the relevant parts of the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive of the European Union), and since 2003 as amended in 2004, 2011 and 2015; and
  • “We/us/our” means the Domainpa, a company based [please mention your company and address]


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Scope Of Application – What Is The Policy?

This Privacy Policy applies only to your use of Our Website. It Is not applicable to any internet pages that are linked to from our web site (regardless of whether or not this is on the left, or shared with other users). We have no control over how your personal information may be collected, stored, or used by other websites and we advise you to check the privacy policies of any such websites before they are using all of the data.

What Information Do We Collect?

Some of the information may be automatically collected on our sites; for more information, please see: 12 to our use of cookies as any other information will only be collected if they are voluntary and express consent to use it for the purposes that are described in Chapter 5, as well as during the registration of your user Account. Depending on how you use our Site, we may collect some or all of the following information:

  • Name:
  • business/company name;
  • position
  • contact information such as your e-mail address, and phone number.
  • demographic information such as post code, preferences, and interests;
  • financial information such as credit / debit card numbers;
  • IP address (automatically updated);
  • it’s the type of web browser and version (automatically collected);
  • operating system (automatically collected);
  • a list of addresses that start with the site or in connection with your activity on our site, and the web site from which you cannot opt-out of automatically;

How Do We Use Your Personal Information?

  • All of your personal data will be stored, in accordance with the General data protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR). For more information about security, refer to Clause 6 below.
  • We may also use your information to provide the best service. It includes:
    1. Providing and managing your account;
    2. Rent and management of, access to, Our Website; and
    3. Personalize and customize your experience on Our Website.
    4. The delivery of our products and services;
    5. Personalize and customize Our products and services;
    6. Responding to messages
    7. To provide you with e-mail newsletters you’ve subscribed to (you may unsubscribe or unsubscribe at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link, or clicking unsubscribe in any email);
    8. Market research;
    9. The analysis of your use of the Site and to gather feedback that we are able to continually improve our Site and the user experience;
  • In some cases, the collection of data, it can be a court or a party to a contract is required to be, and we are going to be limited in the products and services that We can provide you without your consent, we may use this information.
  • With your permission and/or where permitted by law, we may also use the data for marketing purposes which may include contacting you by e-mail, telephone, or post with information, messages and offers about our products and services to you. However, we will not send you any unsolicited marketing or spam and we will take all steps reasonably necessary to ensure that your rights and your duties will be fully protected under the GDPR and the Privacy and Electronic Communications Policy, the EU council Directive of 2003, as amended in 2004, 2011 and 2015.
  • In accordance with the GDPR, we will ensure that your personal data will be processed lawfully, in good faith and transparently, without adversely affect your rights. We will only process the personal data of the user, if at least one of the following reasons applies:
    1. you give your consent to the processing of your personal data for one or more specific purposes;
    2. the processing is necessary in order to fulfil the contract to which you are a party or to take steps at the request of the conclusion of the contract.
    3. the processing is necessary for compliance with legal obligations that we surrender.
    4. the processing is necessary to protect the vital interests of the state, or of that of another.
    5. the processing is necessary for the performance of a task carried out in the public interest or in the exercise of official authority vested in the controller; and/or
    6. the processing is necessary for the purposes of the legitimate interests which is to be carried out by us or by a third party, except where such interests are overridden by the fundamental rights and freedoms of the data subject which require protection of personal data, in particular where the data subject is a child.

How and Where do we Store Your Data?

We will retain your data for as long as it is necessary in order to use it as described above in Clause 5, above, and/or for as long as we are allowed to save it. In any event, we will conduct an annual self-evaluation to see if we need to save the data. Your data will be removed when no longer needed, in accordance with the terms and conditions of our Policies and for record-keeping purposes. Our Data Retention Policy which is as follows:

  • The information will be stored on Domainpa on servers in the United States of america, and the countries of the European Union. Some, if not all, of the data to be stored or transferred outside of the European Economic Area (“the EEA”) (the EEA consists of all EU member States, plus Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein). It is assumed that you agree to the use of Our Website and provide Us with the details. If you do store or transfer data outside the EEA, we will take all steps reasonably necessary to ensure that your data is being processed, as well as it should be, on the basis of the EEA, and in accordance with the GDPR. Such measures may include, but are not limited to, the use of legally binding contractual terms between Us and any third parties.
  • The security of your data is of the utmost importance to Us and in order to protect your personal information, we have put in place suitable physical, electronic and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information we collect through Our web Site.
  • In spite of the security measures that we take, it is important to remember that the transmission of information via the Internet is not completely secure, and it has been recommended that in order to take the necessary precautions to be taken in providing us with the data on the Internet.

We Will Not Share Your Personal Data?

  • We will be able to enter into contracts with a third party in the provision of goods and services is in Our name. These may include payment processing, delivery of the goods, search engine, advertising, and marketing. In some cases, third parties may require access to some or all of your data. If all of the information that is required for such a purpose, and we will take all reasonable steps to ensure that your data is processed securely, efficiently, and in accordance with the authority of, and our obligations, and those of a third party, in accordance with the law.
  • We may collect statistics about the usage of Our Website, including traffic, usage patterns, and the number of users, revenue, and more. All of these data are anonymous and do not contain any personally-identifying information. From time to time, we may share this information with third parties such as prospective investors, affiliates, partners, and advertisers. The data will only be transmitted and used in accordance with the law.
  • In certain circumstances, we may be legally required to provide certain information by which we hold for you, that may contain personal data, such as when we are involved in legal proceedings, where we are complying with legal requirements, a court decision, or a governmental authority. We will not ask you for any additional approval for the transfer of your information in such circumstances, we will produce it as required by any mandatory applicable, which will have to be made.

What Happens If Our Business changes control?

  • We have to be able to expand or reduce Our business activities, from time to time and may include the sale and/or the transfer of control of all or part of Our business. The data provided by the user, if it is related to a component of Our business in this way is transferred, shall be sent, together with the part and the new owner or newly controlling page, you will be allowed to use this information for the purpose for which it was originally collected by Us.
  • In the event that the data are not to be shared, so you will be in contact with you in advance and informed of the changes.

How Can You Use Your Personal Data?

After the transmission of the information contained on Our website, the user may have the option to restrict the use of his personal data by Us at any time. We are trying to provide you with a high level of supervision on the use of their personal data, including the ability to opt-out of receiving e-mail messages, which you can do by unsubscribing using the link in the e-mail message and/or at the time of the submission of your information in and/or managing your accounts OR writing at

The Right to non-disclosure of any of the Information, and the Right to use the Information received only After it is Issued:

  • You will be able to access our websites without giving any details. However, to use all features and functions available on Our Website, you may be required to provide or allow for the collection of certain data.
  • You can restrict the use of the cookies in your web browser. For more information, see Clause 12.
  • You can withdraw your consent for the processing of your personal data set out in Clause 5 at any time by contacting us using the details in Clause 15, we will delete your data from Our systems. You acknowledge, however, that this will limit our ability to provide you with better products and services to you.

How Do I Access My Data?

You have the right to get a copy of all the personal data stored by Us (where such data is stored). Please contact us for more information or by using the contact details stated in Clause 15.

What cookies do we Use and for what reason?

Our site allows write access to a share of the third-party cookies on your computer or device. First-party cookies, which are files that have a direct, and are to be used only in front of Us. We use cookies to facilitate and improve your experience on Our Site and to provide and improve Our products and services to you. By using our website, you can also receive cookies on your computer or device. Third-party cookies are files used by websites, services, and/or any other persons, other than that of the Us. We use “cookies” on Our Website to advertise, and market the services. In addition, our Site uses analytics services provided by Google, which also place cookies on your device. Web Analytics is a tool that is designed for the collection and analysis of usage statistics, enabling us to better understand how people use Our Website.

A short summary of Your rights under the GDPR:

In accordance with the GDPR, ( you have:

  • right to request access to, deletion of or correction of, personal information held by Us;
  • the right to file a complaint with the supervisory authority;
  • stay-up-to-date with the data processing is carried out;
  • right to restrict processing;
  • the right to data portability;
  • any objection against the processing of your personal data;
  • rights on automated decision making and profiling (see Clause 14 below).
  • In order to ensure that these rights are to be respected, or if you have any questions about Our Site or this Privacy Policy, please contact us using the details in Clause 15.

Automated decision making and profiling

  • If we have your personal data will be used for the purpose of supporting decision-making and those decisions have a legal entity you know or have a similar significant impact), you have the right to file an appeal against such a decision in accordance with the GDPR, which is the need of human intervention, to express your own point of view, and, after receiving an explanation of the decision from Us.
  • The right described in Clause 14.1 does not apply in the following cases:
    1. This act is necessary for the conclusion or performance of a contract between you and Us.
    2. The decision is authorised by law; or
    3. The user has the expressed, written permission.
  • Where we use your personal data for the profiling of the application, subject to the following terms of use::
    1. They have to clear information about the profiling, as well as the meaning of life, and the likely consequences;
    2. Use appropriate mathematical or statistical procedures will be used;
    3. All the technical and organisational measures shall be taken to minimize the risk of errors and to ensure that such an error can be easily fixed.;
    4. All of the personal data processed for profiling purposes and need to be protected in order to prevent the discrimination and the consequences that came about as a result of the search.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about our site or this Privacy Policy, please contact us at the e-mail address:, mail us at PO Box 53498 San Jose, CA 95153 , USA. Please make sure that your conclusion is the obvious choice, especially if it is a request for information about the data we hold about you, as described in paragraph 11, above).

Changes to this privacy policy

We are able to make changes to this Privacy Policy from time-to-time in our sole discretion and in accordance with the legal requirements. Any changes will be immediately posted on our Site, and you agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy of our website. We recommend that you review this page regularly to keep up-to-date with the latest developments.

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